Destination Belize has been our country’s most renowned marketing tool; a name that everyone within the tourism industry has come to know, trust, and revere. Wanting to modernize Destination Belize and its components, the BTIA found it imperative to collaborate with a team of technologically savvy creatives to rebrand, restructure, and completely revamp “Destination Belize.”

The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) is the country’s national association of private sector tourism stakeholders.  Since 1995, it has partnered with the Belize Tourism Board and several other government and non-governmental stakeholders to create this signature publication. The Destination Belize magazine continues to be a coordinated partnership between the private and public sector to encourage tourists worldwide to come and enjoy Belize’s spectacular biodiversity and its rich cultural heritage.

McNab Publishing took on the challenge to transform Destination Belize into a brand that is engaging, accessible, and valuable to both the audience and advertisers with a strong online presence that can resume its rightful place as Belize’s premier publication.

The rebranding of DESTINATION BELIZE will include the signature magazine, a pocket edition, a QR and poster campaign, an e-book, an app and social media presence. You can look forward to seeing the new edition of Destination Belize in September 2016.